the sustainers :: an intro.

As Fashion Revolution Day has just passed for another year, it seemed apt to launch a series that has been in the works for a while, back and forth in my mind. The nuts and bolts haven’t sorted themselves out completely yet, but we will get there – the point right now is to get the ideas out.

I am as prone as anyone else to admire sustainable fashion brands from afar, and then when it comes to the actual purchase decision, just buy the first thing I like, looks good and fits right. Noticing this process of mine recently, I’ve decided to take on a different approach to shopping – a pastime I detest anyway unless I know what I want and can find it (with the promise of a coffee after). Now I create a specific list, down to the brand, so I know exactly what I’m after, and don’t settle for less. Of course there are exceptions to the rule but this is working for me so far.

Although I haven’t reached a huge turning point in my purchase of sustainably created clothing as of yet, my hope is that this segment will encourage me, and you, to delve deeper into these brands – understand them and the positives that flow out, then truly consider these before having a shopping day.

Sustainable fashion is rich, quirky and different – exactly what the wardrobe ordered. There’ll be an enviro brand hitting your wall shortly.

sustainable fashion

(Image from here)

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