thoughts for may.

May, seriously? The year hasn’t stopped speeding right before my eyes, with so little time to pause, think and do. My pledge to myself is to make more me time, my sewing machine will finally need a service because I will be using it so much, and I will take some precious moments away from all that technology. Brain refresher. So, onto taking stock (thanks once again to Pip Lincolne).

flower trolley

Making : more like GOING to make, a little clutch to get my sewing skills up to scratch.
Cooking : My New Roots abundance bowl – my new favourite things to eat. Just a bowl of all the best bits.
Drinking : my almost-daily glass of red.
Reading: Vogue April, in my continual effort to catch up on the mag world.
Wanting: our very own puggy so bad. The obsession is out of control now thanks to Doug the Pug.
Looking: for a versatile white shirt to add that touch of class to my daily outfits.
Playing: good tunes to keep me sane.
Deciding: what to do next – where to study design?
Wishing: everybody could just loooove each other.
Enjoying: creative time, when it happens.
Waiting: for Tim to pick me up for his big graduation day.
Liking: drinking tea and reading, even better in front of the fire.
Wondering: how capital punishment is still a thing?
Loving: Man Repeller as per usual – that’s where all my data goes, and I don’t even mind the extra $30 a month when I get such quality lols and inspiration.
Pondering: life.
Considering: what to make next.
Buying: the wardrobe staples – boyfriend jeans, winter coat.
Girls and Parks and Rec.
Hoping: the rain will stop soon.
Marvelling: at all the amazing creators in the world – all those different fashion concepts, how do they manage it?
Cringing: at the awkward remarks people make.
Needing: a big warm blankie.
Questioning: how to always do what I love.
Smelling: like I forgot to put perfume on today. Woops.
Wearing: my beloved Hi There Karen Walker dress, chunky necklace from Milton, vintage Donna Karan jacket, and some good old Tony Bianco’s.
Following: Gary Pepper Girl’s engagement experience.
Noticing: the beauty in everyone.
Knowing: that we are all loved, we all have our purposes.
Thinking: about the busyness of the weekend – but it will be filled with friends and fun.
Admiring: those who pave their own way.
Sorting: gradually through the mess of papers on my desk. The point of too much inspiration?
Getting: tired without my morning coffee.
Bookmarking: lots of articles to read, along with the million others.
Coveting: Phillip Lim.
Disliking: the need to wear jeans everyday just to keep my legs warm.
Opening: the next magazine in excitement.
Giggling: at Doug (see above).
Feeling: so full after that quinoa porridge that was my breakfast.
Snacking: on coffee and tea – do they count as snacks?
Wishing: that time would slow, or we would just have some more of it.
Helping: Nepal – I can’t do that much from here, but I’ll help as I can.
Hearing: the final episode of How to Get Away with Murder while I jot all this down.

(Image from here)

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