reliving :: dries van noten.

I’m finding more and more reasons to treat myself – tax money finally back? Go ahead and storm the Gorman store. So I did just that today, and came away with one beautiful grey knit, just what I needed to ward the frostbite off. To prove that these purchases are worth it, I aim to wear them the next day – a personal guilt-reliever. Otherwise it may just live in the bag, all tagged up, on my bed, for a long while. Until I remember it’s existence, and feel that wasted-money-dread.

While my body is telling me to dress for winter, my mind just wants the summer, and a chance to re-interpret A Midsummer Night’s Dream meets psychedelica in my own way (I’ve never actually read the play, but if it’s anything like this, I am in love with it). It’s going to be hard to trump Dries Van Noten though, that mix and match is unbeatable by any regular human being.

On another note, that mossy carpet would be the best foot massager out, better than your grandma’s slides. Take a leaf out of Dries’ book, all you future interior designers.

dries van noten ss15

dries van noten spring 2015

dries van noten hanne gaby

dries van noten psychedelic

(Images from here)

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