coats of the world.

My daily pleasure has now become to dream up tomorrow’s outfit adventure and experiment. Never again do I want to repeat a look – not for the typical celebrity-led materialistic reasons, but because of the pure joy it brings. Same = boring = bad day. My daily guarantee of a creative burst even if life is mental. 2 minutes on the train is all it takes, and then I’m in a great mood for the night, even though my eyes are falling out of my head and my stomach won’t stop rumbling.

Mr trusty iPhone’s camera roll is chock-a-block with screenshots, a scrapbook of sneaky inspiration – mainly from my constant data abuse of Leandra and her power gal gang. The devastating part comes when it doesn’t work, my mix and match is not on point, my booty is too voluptuous, my clothes are just too bler. But then my mind says, if Amelia Diamond would wear this then so can I, and all is right in the world again. She is another of my spirit sisters, my hair and jeans buddy.

Today is dedicated to the street style cool kids – I may never manage to dress quite so well, or have the budget they display – but let’s make our own op-shop versions. Because the world is full of endless coated-up possibilities.

leandra medine long jacket

paris fashion week pastel

russia gold jacket street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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