anatomy of :: in the 90’s.

Recycle is my middle name, but now I’m adding another re- to my repertoire (all that alliteration, you would never know english was my worst subject) – REPURPOSE. My new favourite thing. I’ve been trying to repurpose all my old clothes, through pairing them with something new, or wearing them in a newfound way.

Today’s award went to high-school Hannah’s Sportsgirl hair tie / band / makeshift belt if you get desperate. Once used as a hippie head band, the rest of the time positioned as a hair-out-of-face mechanism. Now it has become a choker, and it was amazing – kept my neck warm and jazzy.

It’s made me think a lot about the fashion method of reinventing old trends – the 90’s are new again, especially when fused with the flowerchild vibes of the 70’s (arguably the two best decades). There were so many things to love about this golden era – the Spice Girls, friendship bracelets, matching jumpers and tights, full fringes, Pop Tarts, Women’s Weekly cookbooks. Forever. Every texture and pattern were merged together to create the outfit equivalent of word vomit – in the most fond-hearted way. Also some not so great things, but we live and learn. Now we’ve just picked the best bits, and repurposed them for today.

90s street style jeans

90s street style

90s street style floral

90s jeans street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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