manspiration :: rag & bone.

I forget sometimes how strange the men’s runway can be – take for example JW Anderson Fall 2013. I could more easily get away with one of those outfits than any guy I know, the lines of gender are becoming more and more blurred. But that’s fashion, a chance to make a statement and influence the world. That purpose sure beats just living frivolously for the sake of it.

I like Rag & Bone for the always wearable pieces, maybe it’s a statement for the regular office-job guy, no boob tubes for our man friends here. They teach you how to make your workday garb better – add some shimmer, add some beanie, or a pout if that’s more your thing.

Secretly, not so secretly, I want to track down one of those checked bomber jackets – ultimate winter comfort and warmth. All those blurred lines, girls break the rules all the time (looking at you boyfriend jeans and all the man shirts we love). Maybe that’s what the rules are there for.


rag and bone fall 2013

rag and bone menswear fall 2013

rag and bone workwear mens

rag and bone mens fall 2013

(Images from here)

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