baltimorian for a day.

The question of what to do with your life is a big one, especially in this day and age. It seems we almost have too many opportunities, a struggle for all of us who battle with the minor tasks like what to wear that day, and which blog to read.

But LIFE. Crap, it’s really entering into adult zone. It is such a scary thought – what will I do for the next 50 years? My dreams and hopes come in passing, I want to go after them but never chase that. I wouldn’t even know where to start, and don’t give myself the time to sit and jot down those thoughts.

The best way for me to stop and actually consider these things is through getting inspired by others. To be honest, I am just smashing this thought out quickly before I get some much needed sleep, but I have to make a promise to myself that this weekend I will free my brain, get inspired and truly ponder. Develop a life plan.

Lindsay Bottos has the perfect whimsical photos to match my current wandering brain. She has a tough side too, taking a stance on women’s rights and the downside of social media. When you do what you love and also aid the world, that’s the sweet spot right there.

lindsay bottos photography

lindsay bottos photography

lindsay bottos photography

(Images from here)

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