the sustainers :: kitx.

This is all just too perfect. Kit Willow + sustainability + super fashion. After her tricky few years following the Willow debacle, Kit has taken a new and encouraging stance with her ethical and sustainable brand, KITX.

She’s accomplishing the dreams of someone like me – working with the environment to source and create all the pieces. Fabrics include cotton, wool, silk and hemp in their friendly organic forms. While cotton is still a fibre that requires immense amounts of water to keep it living, I do appreciate the idea. Who knows where the future of cotton lies – t-shirts would be a very different field without it.

This is a brand that is focused on sustainability at all levels of the enterprise, right back to the farms where the seeds are sown. When the end result is as beautiful as this who wouldn’t want to go organic? Doesn’t even have a hint of crazy hippie, Nimbin-loving life.

I’ve fallen for her hand embroidered camisole and skirt, and THOSE SANDALS. Next summer will not be a winner without them. I only have one question remaining – where are these elements of beauty made?

kitx sustainab;e

kitx kit willow

kitx fashion


(Images from here)

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