bye bye baby.

I went for the big cut two days ago. My hair had well and truly become my key trait, my actual identity was completely wrapped up in those locks. Walking down the street and I would be recognised for my hair, either for its ridiculous length, or notable top knot.

So I manned up and got it all chopped – a challenge. Legitimately, half my hair is gone, 20cms snipped just like that (at least it’s all been sent away for a good cause – wigs for cancer patients).

I’m definitely not used to the loss of my security blanket mane. It could hide a terrible outfit, draw away from a wardrobe malfunction, and always make me feel like I belonged on the beach. Now I have to fend for myself and find my own (new) identity, not just determined by my hair. We have many lessons ahead of us, styling for one.

Inspiration is always key to contentment, so I’ve pulled a few fave shorties for some continued buzz and ideas.

short hair


top knot bob

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

12 thoughts on “bye bye baby.

  1. I did the same thing. I still have my same security blanket fringe, but the length – gone! Get yourself some texturising spray or powder – it will revolutionise the way you do your hair. I love the stuff.

  2. Three months ago, I had hair to my hip bones. I cut off 12 inches, and then yesterday, I cut it into a long lob. Lost another 6-8 inches. I really needed to read this post today – thank you for helping me feel calm about my new hair!

      1. Heck yes! You’re still a bohemian beach gal with short locks. Hair grows back, bask in the adventure of shedding your security blanket – that’s how I’m looking at it.

  3. Reblogged this on wander + whim and commented:
    In the last three months, I have hacked a total of 20-24 inches off of my hair. Locks so long, that I could accidentally sit on, was my signature. Yesterday, I got my hair cut into a lob. It’s a great cut, but so foreign to me. I’ve had quiet moments of inner panic since the cut. How do I style it? I can’t put it into a bun anymore?! Oh god what have a I done? So when I woke up and saw this post in my Reader, it made all that panic go away. She made me feel brave, not alone, and confident in rocking a new short do – I thank her for the boost of confidence.

    Be brave, be bold

    xxo, W.

    1. What a wonderfully brave way of looking at your new do. Although there was never a thing wrong with having masses of locks like you did. It grows back. And quickly. I remember it bobbed to your pretty ears when you but 16. Chang eis always good. ❤️

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