reliving :: peter pilotto.

So much fash-onnnn when looking through my current magazine of choice, Lula. As I’m sure I have said many a time before, it would be a dream to spend my life lost in those glossy pages. It’s a real talent when you can mix the best of all the trends to create some seriously quirky and whimsical outfits.

On one of these pages I was reminded of my old flame, Peter Pilotto. Years ago I fell in love with all the wild digital prints and wanted them in my closet, and on me everyday. Designers Peter and Christopher are the true print masters of today, tousling with Miu Miu, Missoni and Prada for the top spot. And they aren’t even Italian.

Every collection is like the Wonka factory on steroids, but it works, because who doesn’t want to look like a candy striped lollipop? Emanate joy wherever you go, just don’t go driving a white van.

peter pilotto fashion

peter pilotto spring 2015

peter pilotto wonka

peter pilotto spring

peter pilotto candy

peter pilotto clothing

(Images from here)

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