photoshoot :: florals of the world.

Fancy that. A photoshoot encompassing some of my favourite floraly looks from the spring / summer shows. I haven’t decided whether I should feel immensely saddened that I am not in a climate currently suited to these outfits, or excited for what is to come.

Bring back the springtime, with days where I can wear skirts, walk around with a leap in my step, and get a tan. Unlike today where my shins froze and flaked in the icy weather because I decided I should wear a skirt and feel a bit feminine. Wrong decision. I can feel the warmth only just hitting there now as I’ve migrated to PJ land.

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not much of a winter gal, nowhere near a snow bunny. So we look and dream until they become reality. Salute some of the best below from Blumarine, Michael Kors and Miu Miu.

bazaar turkey michael kors

floral lace

blumarine floral

harpers bazaar turkey

(Images from here)

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