model muse :: abbey lee kershaw.

Firstly, Mad Max is one of the greatest movies I have seen in recent years. Somehow I stayed awake and engaged the whole time – super unusual for my fidgety, restless self. Most of that is thanks to the impeccable costume design and make up. After I watch these sorts of movies I wish I had followed my distant costumers dream, but the regularity of my pay right now (which would definitely not be the case otherwise) almost trumps that. Almost.

And they have successfully brought back the braid – mess it as much as you like, all over your head. Like Tricia from Orange is the New Black (makes me teary, legit almost cried – and yes, I am that far behind).

Secondly Abbey Lee Kershaw is yet another fricken babe. The pale-skinned and freckled beached-up version we all need to see. Thank goodness that the model world is becoming more varied and eclectic – finally taking into account that all us normal people sitting behind desks are beautiful too.

Symmetry is boring, and so is perfection. I love Abbey for the genuine vibe she gives off – she has to be that peaceful, loving and purely kind-hearted person in real life.

abbey lee kershaw russh

abbey lee kershaw

abbey lee kershaw goth

abbey lee kershaw editoiral

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