inspiration wall :: jun.

Moving has obviously affected my normal life quite extensively. It seems my thoughts have also been infiltrated, when the wonder of The Parent Trap kept me awake. I couldn’t go to sleep until I had jotted down that Lilo sucked us in to her twinny world, and forced us all as young children to dream of a better or lesser version of ourselves. Important stuff. Still to this day, Hallie and Annie’s quality quotes spurt out of my mouth. Even though it is a little late, here are some of the great inspirers this second.
inspiration wall june 2015
– Festival season is not so close but I am already stalking beautiful white maxi dresses. Came this close to losing all my money and splashing out on a precious See by Chloe eBay number – which I have recently discovered is my greatest weakness and obsession.
– Last week’s most successful dinner / lunch / snack – these vegetarian nachos.
– Had to use this photo because the puppy brings endless teary laughs (it’s going to go viral), but really hoping to visit Gypsy Espresso ASAP. The cool kids hang there, and the food looks dreamy.
Miu Miu. Class. 70’s. Babe. Woman.
– This is the perfect weather for sitting back with a good old cup of tea, browsing through Netflix (if only we had internet…), and catching up on all the mags from the last 2 years. Martina Thornhill brings it to the next level with her beautiful ceramic creations. Dream job?
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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