anatomy of :: the bandanna scarf.

Or maybe it isn’t a trend and it’s just my favourite thing to do, so I want to discuss it. Who wouldn’t want to enliven their day through a bit of pattern and nostalgia?

These are just some of the remarks I have received when donning my beloved – pick from a blue and white vintage-inspired type, or sunflower yellow : you look french / like an air hostess /  daisy duke / are you sick?!. No I’m not sick, this is just my new thang and I’ll stick with it until I’ve bled it dry.

Because I hate to wear exactly the same outfit twice, the neckerchief just mixes it up a notch. Understated yet colourful, and also WARM which is of the greatest importance right now. It’s difficult to look different each day when you are forced to blow steam in the outside air.

The necked-look is encroaching on the high fashion world now too – photo shoots galore are hitting it up. Clearly everyone wants to be French. Once I’ve overdone it with the neck I’ll move on to the next body part – suggestions?

leandra medine bandanna scarf

neck scarf

neckerchief fashion

bandanna scarf

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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