things i’ve learnt without internet.

Or been reminded of.
So the internet is still yet to be installed at our new humble abode. Super humble at the moment, because without the internet life seems quite simple and backward. I’ve come across a few epiphanies throughout this testing time:
– Normal TV sucks. Already knew this, but it is so crystal clear when Netflix isn’t there to distract anyway. SBS and ABC are probably your only options, although you might not understand a word that is said. Masterchef may bring momentary joy, but at the realisation you are not taking part in that wonderful meal, the immense food envy sadness hits.
– It is impossible to blog without visiting your parents or overloading on mobile phone data (thank goodness for Apple’s greatest invention, the personal hotspot however).
– Internet providers lie and will never install on time.
– Sleep is a good alternative to any form of entertainment.
– There is also a positive. I literally can’t check my emails. This also means that once we are back in action I will have hundreds of Net-a-Porter, Goop and Refinery29 messages to get through, and many more articles to browse.
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