reliving :: thom browne resort 16.

I feel like I am becoming a Thom Browne creation, forced to layer every item I own because of this unbeatable chill. It’s a miracle I am even typing right now, having lost my gloves last winter.

Thom Browne is the Frankenstein of the modern day – of course only in an artistic and admirable sense, no nuts and bolts or disfigured bodies here. The merging of a million different aspects into the one look, from the checks / stripes / floral / lace / knit combos, to matchy-matchy and incredibly layered.

On the want list – a handkerchief skirt (which could actually be personally created through the use of an old tablecloth), and any piece that is warm enough to revert me from cold-blooded. I only wish that if I layered in all my wardrobe it would pull off as such a rad lewk, and not come across as hobo.

thom browne resort 2016

thom browne

thom browne resort

thom browne resort

thom browne layer

(Images from here)

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