inspiration wall :: jul.

With the freezing winds and unbeatable chill, there really aren’t that many opportunities to go exploring and find inspiration. So I turn to the internet – otherwise I may just go crazy.
inspiration wall july
Lexi is just a straight up cool girl, with the outfits I wish I could wear everyday. Those would provide the ultimate warmth and comfort. But alas.
– This great quote on film from RUSSH : “We begin to mimic what we see and hear – we learn what to want. We are influenced into particular attitudes as we try to inch ourselves closer to those irresistibly untouchable lives.” The almost frightening allure of film and fictional characters.
– Made these chocolate bircher babies – a chilled, yet perfectly wintery breakfast treat.
– I just love it. The embroidery, the layers, the laidback nature.
NOTA shoes, for all your designy male friends. Authentic leather and construction of absolute quality, and the added opportunity for a monogram.
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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