wherever you want to be for a day.

Right now I am dreaming of summer and freedom and denim cut offs. Smoothies on the beach and sandy legs.

I’m putting to the back of my mind the frightful, cheese-induced, dream I had the other night – Tim decided he could befriend a great white shark, which then followed us (out of water, somehow this guy could also fly), until we managed to get if off our tracks. Creepy stuff, and hopefully not a premonition for the coming adventures.

I’ve become bored of jeans, and also worn them so much they have developed a nasty hole. Not even the patch fixes this sitch – my trusty Nudies may have died.

Today, for the first time in my life, I decided I would whip out my fancy summer shorts, and pair them with tights. I generally don’t know how I feel about this look. Either you are ultra-conservative, or and incredible style queen – and the line is so blurred between the two. But it was what I needed for this Wednesday, a bit of a change up and tease for my legs.

Sarita Lolita has the images that match my current dreams. Oh to be recreating these on a daily basis.

cactus photography

sarita lolita photography

greenhouse sarita lolita

mugs sarita lolita photography

(Images from here)

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