friends forever.

Being along is strange when you are constantly surrounded by people. I barely have a spare moment to myself except for while showering or walking to the bus stop.

On my recent getaway I spent 4 hours wandering the Coffs Harbour streets on my lonesome. At first I got excited about this solo opportunities – I can do whatever I want, eat wherever I like, and keep exploring until my feet fall off. Quickly, all of the self-conscious issues I thought had long disappeared once again arose.

To the outsiders eyes I definitely look like a loner just sitting for an hour at this cafe by myself. I’m taking up all their precious seating. How long is too long to stay when you’ve only had one coffee? If you fall over you have no one to laugh with (which did happen earlier in the day).

But really, who cares? My dumb little issues are minuscule and laughable on reflection. Those bruises tell an eventful, yet embarrassing story. So the verdict is to spend more time alone while out and about. Practice makes perfect and the creative juices only start flowing in peace.

Friends are still better though – they trump for life.

street style friends

street style stripe

street style pattern full skirt

mens street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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