the sustainers :: maiyet.

Living in an apartment has really challenged all my sustainable notions. I like to think that I live relatively enviro-friendly, but then I took notice of the mountains of rubbish only 2 people make, and I die inside every time I toss out a banana peel. Self sustaining is the end goal, but near impossible in such a living situation. The herb garden has been planted, and my efforts end there.

I recently read about the amazing NYC dweller, Lauren Singer. Her life has been completely up-ended by the wake up call of not really being as environmental as she’d previously though, refusing to waste and instead purchasing in more considered ways. Everything is bought in bulk, in reusable jars. All scraps are composted. All products like shampoo, dishwashing liquid and body wash are self-made. No plastic bags in sight.

My next steps for saving the planet are to join the local community garden (pick your own veggies, compost, pizza oven [!!] and develop a green thumb) and buy as much as I can from fresh food markets, or my favourite bulk-buy store, Naked Foods. Who will join me in the challenge?

On to Maiyet.

These guys are the purveyors of peace, the advocates for artisanal sustainable creation, and  promoters of far-off communities. Their partnerships derive from all over, with connections to Peru, Kenya, India and more. The mixture creates a simple and earthy look. I only wish I could see each garment up close – the detailing and care gone into each piece must be jaw-dropping.

If I could afford a bangle, I would wear it with pride each day, as a reminder of the life we should aim to live.
maiyet sustainable fashion

maiyet africa

maiyet fashion

maiyet spring 2012

maiyet luxury fashion

maiyet sustainable

(Images from here)

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