manspiration :: bally spring 2016.

This is for the well-travelled, “cultured”, hipster man in your life. Bally have established the greatest European-holiday / daydreamer wear for men through a mix of patterns, trends and textures.

You have the Wes Anderson inspired pyjamas and dressing gown combo – classy wear for the hotelier and wine snob. There’s a safari jumpsuit for any African or Indian adventure, complete with mandals for obvious cooling reasons. The jet-setting aviation wear, for the wannabe pilot. And to top it all off, the famed ski season. Reflective sunglasses, tough-ass beanie and jumbo jackets. Questionable placement of sandals for this look though – not recommended for real life.

Put it all together and you have a round-the-world trip, prepared for whatever the earth decides to throw at you.

bally menswear 2016

bally safari man

bally pilot spring menswear 2016

bally menswear spring 2016

bally pyjamas

(Images from here)

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