ana strumpf.

While I get on with my daily life, there are some people out in the world who are continually creating, dreaming and doing. They have ideas and run with them. They do it even if it doesn’t end in profit – the core is joy and contentment.

Part of the reason why I fail at this aspect of life so regularly is that I hate waste, absolutely detest it (even though I clearly am not without), which is positive in most instances, even if it makes me look like a crazy food-saving lady. But here, I find it difficult to create without having an end use in mind. What I make will never be good enough to sell – any average person could craft the same piece. Or I will just never use it. Dilemma.

The process of my mind is often way too complicated even for me. Have I lost you?

Ana Strumpf is one of my new heroes. She takes my childhood love of defacing magazine covers to the next level, and turns it into a masterpiece. One that I would buy and donate prime position on the wall. Then wish that I had done the same. I suppose the moral of the story is to just do what you love – you never know, someone might like it enough to take it off your hands. I say this a lot, but I truly mean it this time – it is time to get inspired.

ana strumpf magazine

ana strumpf garage

ana strumpf another

ana strumpf the gentlewoman

(Images from here)

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