reliving :: ellery resort.

Due to my intense collection of never-ending magazines, I find myself constantly playing catch ups (to count how many would result in heart palpitations – so much to read with zero time). I rotate between the current, and the distant past.

Thankfully with fashion and design magazines there is no best before date – every page is a new experience, and there is always some inspiration to be derived. If I see birkenstocks smattered across a spread from last year, I have the opportunity to look at it in a new light, without my frustration at the general public for lapping up every street style trend without personality, clouding that.

Currently I am reading Oyster issue 105, 1 year old. Happy birthday. I’ve seen their Mad Max themed interviews with Abbey Lee Kershaw and Courtney Eaton come to fruition (amazing amazing results). And reading about the wonder of Jenny Kee never grows old.

On my list of incredibly inspiring women, with lives I wish were mine, also appears Kym Ellery, and the issue gave me a little flashback into her life. Her story is filled with success, growing to be a strong international competitor. I was over the moon when I nabbed a little Ellery dress number on eBay, because anything that comes out of her brain and onto a notebook is pure beauty.

She’s got the volume and shape of Rosie Assoulin, but added an edgy and unique take. The Resort 2016 collection is the grunge sister, who also has a love affair with the 70’s. Sitting here, shivering under a blanket right now, and all I want is that insanely over-sized fluff-ball of a coat. I am a lioness in a world filled with cool kids. Teach me your ways, oh Kim, pass on some of that perseverance.

ellery resort 2016

kym ellery resort

ellery resort 2016 coat

ellery resort 2016

ellery resort 2016 70s

(Images from here)

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