japanese for a day 2.0.

I must admit that I am not always the most authentic of flowerchildren. I feel like a farce at times, with my constant dreaming of possessing an Hermes scarf or Burberry trench (hence the persistent eBay stalking). I’m regularly not the cool, calm, collected gal perceived by outsiders, but someone who rarely understands their own erratic emotions. My life is one torn between the relaxed and earthy, and the busy and city-focused.

One thing that brings me back to my focus and inspiration is photography. The simplicity of a landscape is so calming. The mountains don’t try to prove themselves to anyone, or be anything but themselves. So here we have a truly lame new motto, which definitely won’t stick – think like a freaking massive mountain. Take from that what you will.

And then I accidentally-on-purpose landed on these stunning images from Naoki Ishikawa (including one of our ultimate inspirer, Mt Fuji). My favourite collection takes a look at the houses of those from all over the world, whether in the heaving snow, stilted over the water, or made of mud brick.

naoki ishikawa vernacular

naoki ishikawa photography

naoki ishikawa mt fuji

(Images from here)

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