inspiration wall :: aug.

Speedy life update. The worm farm has been ordered, weekends away are the best (particularly when they involve the beach, glorious sun and cake), and I’m truly killing for the NSW version of The Specialty Coffee Book – Victoria couldn’t have all the glory forever.
august inspiration wall 2015
– Geometric 60’s inspiration, so mod. I remember when I had curtains that looked like this – sewing opportunity there? Also, socks and sandals, monochrome style = ingenious.
– Visited The Glass Onion Society in Long Jetty on our way home. The perfect Sunday chilled vibes, complete with cauliflower rice and a games table (i.e. vintage Pacman gaming machine, for viewing underneath your food.)
– Dreaming of a caravanning, no care road trip. Especially if I could be wearing this Caroline Rose Kaufman top. Teetering on the edge of housewife, but surpassing that with a wave of cool and adventure.
– Summer.
Vegan bolognese – one of my new favourite, super easy recipes. So good in fact that even the pickiest of eaters enjoyed it.
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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