photoshoot :: the meaning of world.

As much as I would love to live out my superhero, peace-making, world-changing fantasies, my life barely reaches the tip of the iceberg. My job is far from saving the planet, and so is this blog, and most other hobbies I dedicate hours of my time to. The things that we truly need to encourage each other to do are those that matter most, and often those that don’t come naturally.

Here is my challenge to get on board with Pip’s call, and write to a child in detention. Somehow the children get forgotten in this whole political / asylum seeker mess, but one simple way to reach out and show some necessary love is through this beautiful penpal system. I’m going to gather some gals, and have a writing evening – yes, there will be wine and cheese – but it may make us all the more productive.

And not to make a serious conversation comical, but maybe try wearing some Superga’s too (feat. Gia Coppola). My sexy purple animal print version always make me feel that little more inspired and real, prepared to tackle a world full of problems.

superga x rodarte

superga gia coppola

superga rodarte gia coppola

superga beach

(Images from here)

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