want list :: athletica.

So far I’ve been pretty good at avoiding the trendy-designer gym wear, and have stuck to my ugly old thangs. The tops that used to be wearable and are now holey and thin – therefore perfect for a workout. Mismatched socks and almost-vintage leggings. Only once have I outlaid some money for Lorna Jane, and I swear that was a gift. Lululemon is my enemy.

Thankfully I am not someone who overly worries about my gym appearance, lets be honest, it won’t take long for my skin to go red, hair to get messed, and sweat drip down my face. Even though it isn’t necessary, I do find myself admiring the athletic wear from The Upside and Stella Mccartney.

Now we also have the pattern genius Mara Hoffman to tempt us. The sport range is equally fun and vibrant, enough to lure me out of bed at 5am. I would never want to take it off though – hello North Shore life.

mara hoffman sport

mara hoffman sport yoga

mara hoffman sport leggings

(Images from here)

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