the sustainers :: penny sage.

I don’t just try to wear a different combination each day but also have fun with it all. I may be of the minority, but I keep saying over and over again that outfit collating is something that brings me that creative sense and makes me dream bigger. So it’s not all superficial, it’s just me. Hence why I could never be a corporate-wearing, Cue-dressing power woman – those rules and heels would suffocate me. I’m a wonder lady in my own way. A recycling, ever-morphing style obsessor.

Penny Sage is yet another ultra hip brand to come out of New Zealand, actually made there, using majority natural fabrics. Designer Kate Megaw has created lines of relaxed fitting clothing, ideal for either a fat or lazy day. You can witness her gradual change in style policy over the years, becoming more about key standout pieces, mixed with the easy everyday. Pairing a structural off-the-shoulder box shirt with classic faded jeans, or a simple dress with an oversized jacket.

I wish I had the funds to support each of these brands whenever I mention them in a post, to gradually build up a collection of their wares and have a massive impact on the sustainable industry. Couldn’t say no to the greatest denim jacket of all time.

penny sage sleepaway

penny sage ss14

penny sage denim

penny sage sustainable

(Images from here)

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