reliving :: acne studios.

I have just become a user of the latest fashionappster addition – Villoid. This is the beginning of a tumultuous and potentially dangerous relationship. We went from the daily Net-a-Porter feed to eBay madness and now this. All are still at play, but as with any millennial, I move on. New obsessions take their place.

While eBay is a place for me to seek out a designer bargain, and fight in the bidding war, Villoid is a sacred space for all my wardrobe dreams. A place where I imagine myself in Alexa Chung’s shoes. The always trendy, ever quirky, constantly beautiful muse. It’s no surprise she launched an app really, what with her insane social following and influence on all internet-savvy women. I’d call you a liar if you said you never dreamt of her wardrobe.

My profile is almost non-existent right now – the weekend calls for a mass exploration – but discover me for some future inspiration.

Acne is just one of the prestiged feature brands. Hark back to 2012 with sporty-inspired denim, bombers and caps. What is old becomes new again – hello, floaty pants (pantaloons?) and midriffs, welcome to the latest summer. (First time I’ve made the move to Vogue Runway).

acne studios spring 2012

acne spring 2012

acne sport spring 2012

acne orange spring 2012

acne runway spring 2012

(Images from here)

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