julie white x australia.

The lovely Frankie introduced me to this doozy of a label. One scan of the website’s images and I’m hooked – impossible to not be when they involve iced vovo’s and kiwi fruit socks. Epitome of Australia, hence the name of the latest collection, Straya Daze. Julie White is a girl after my own heart, putting everything we love onto delicate fabrics.

Recently I haven’t been so proud to call myself Australian – we’ve been morphing into a nation with little desire to help others, show compassion and at least attempt to stop global warming. Ways which are basically against everything I aim for.

But today we have an inkling of hope. Maybe Malcolm will act with a human heart instead of a hardened politician’s mind, and start to recreate the Australia we were once so fond of.

Which brings me on to another topic – fashion’s good use for the world. Growing up I always dreamed of becoming a designer, but in early high school I was challenged that working in fashion would only create unnecessary needs, and not benefit the world in any way (not that what I currently do accomplishes this either…).

Fashion taking a stand is becoming more and more prominent – Karl Lagerfeld stuck up for women at Chanel, Stella McCartney’s has a constant dedication to sustainable materials. NYFW just featured Prabal Gurung’s Nepal-inspired collection, and Derek Lam’s Nina Simone references, a revival of civil rights and diversity. Finally we can all see fashion as an art-form, a powerful way of expression, and not just the feeder of self-doubt and selfishness.

julie white australia

julie white socks

julie white kiwi socks

julie white scarf

(Images from here)

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