how to sick day.

As someone who battles to stop and do nothing ever, sick days are a real struggle. I’m meant to be resting but I always want to get the chores done or do some creating. Yesterday may just be my most successfully restful sick day ever. Here’s how it went:

8am – Wake up groggy and check all your emails – no one wants a nasty surprise.

8.30am – Eat a big bowl of porridge, with Vitamin C-filled strawberries, in front of Orange is the New Black. Food coma then nap.

10am – Walk to the chemist and also buy some milk because you have separation anxiety without a coffee. You are almost swayed to buy a takeaway but then remember you can’t betray the environment and let the team down (you’ve also got The Grounds beans at home – unbeatable)

1.30pm – After your delectable homemade coffee you finally finish reading The Girl on The Train – you can’t put it down because it is just so addictive. Apparently the only way to finish a book in less than a month is to come down with something disgusting.

1.45pm – Eat your gourmet lunch, with more OITNB, while stalking Villoid.

2.30pm – Fall asleep. Only to be woken by the alarming buzz of the apartment at 4pm because you and your partner only have one set of keys. Even though the dreams were horrible, this was worse. Maybe it’s the alarm tone needed to get you out of bed ASAP every morning.

5pm – Watch last night’s episode of The Bachelor, because you can’t go to a finale party without it (#teamsnezana).

hair braids

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