sweater weather.

Ordinarily it would seem strange for a Sydneysider to take part in a sweater weather tag during September. The rain has made this craziness redundant though. And in true Australian fashion I’ve adjusted every “fall” to “autumn” instead, which is a lie about my actual current situation, but whatever. Here we go.

The rules of the tag are simple, answer all the sweater weather questions, then tag 10 bloggers to follow suit.

hair up

1. What is your favourite candle flavour? Anything coconut, anything vanilla. Basically the flavours that smell so good you just want to gobble them up.
2. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate? Always coffee, sometimes tea, never hot chocolate. UNLESS I find a brilliant recipe for sugar-free hot choc, which does exist.

3. What is the best Autumn memory you have? The leaves at school, scrunching all the way. Visiting the Blue Mountains, feeding the lorikeets and exploring the bushy landscape.

4. Which fall trend do you prefer – dark lips or winged eyeliner? Unfortunately I fail on the make up front always. My love of exploration doesn’t extend to the paint of the face, but a dark lip is at least easily achieved, with little trauma, and incredible effect.

5. Your favourite fragrance for fall? If I could bottle up the scent of rain, mixed with oaky leaves, and the warmth of cinnamon, then maybe we would have a winner.

6. What is your favourite Autumn food? SOUP with sourdough. Lentil, pumpkin, minestrone, give me them all.

7. What is the Autumn weather like where you live? Autumn is a funny one, a season I rarely notice. It’s normally full of sadness – no more beach days, and apprehension – the coming cold will freeze me. So it’s somewhere in between, with the occasional burst of sunshine great enough to afford a beach day.

8. What is your most worn sweater? A perfect grey Gorman beauty I purchased earlier this year. I’ve put off the hand wash for so long because I couldn’t bear to be without it. Still not actually washed to be honest, don’t hate me.

9. Your must-have polish for Autumn? GREY. Slightly depressing, but also beautiful.

10. Football games or jumping into leaf piles? Leaf piles FTW. Who could go without. Anyone who resists clearly did not live a real childhood.

11. Skinny jeans or leggings? Leggings aren’t pants, outside of bed. Skinny jeans forever.

12. Combat boots or uggs? I live in my Uggs all year round, at home only. But without them I may have lost a foot long ago from a horrendous case of frostbite.

13. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? Couldn’t care less, but that is probably the Australian season wearing off on me.

14. What is your favourite fall premiering show? Don’t ask me things – I am never up to date.

15. What song really gets you into Autumn? Autumn may be the only season that doesn’t have an identifying tune. Every other time has a song that brings back a memory of a particular Summer holiday or Spring school season. Sorry Autumn.

16. Halloween, yay or nay? Meh.

17. Autumn mornings or Autumn evening? Mornings forever and ever. The intricate shades from the sun hitting the trees are irreplaceable amidst a clear blue sky.

18. What do you think about Black Friday? I am obviously Australian because even the sales here don’t fuss me – way too much battle and strain.

19. What is an Autumn 2015 trend you are loving? Anything with a hint of orange or brown – 70’s dream. Suede, leather, prints, give it all to me.

20. Your favourite pie? Apricot. Yum.

And here are my tagged faves to share their own thoughts.

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