the sustainers :: re/done.

I need to go back to my roots and love right now. Bring some of my eco-ness to the forefront. My current sewing project is a special bunting number, with multiple twists – one being the fact that I didn’t pay a cent for any of the fabrics. Thanks to mum and old projects for building up my empire of offcuts.

There are so many notes saved on my mac, listing amazing sustainable businesses and brands that it is so difficult to choose from among them. This month, RE/DONE stood out. I’m vibing on the patch mentality, it sums up my life quite well at the moment – relating my human issues to clothing. If only jeans spoke, what advice would they have for me? What would a vintage pair of Levi’s tell me to do with my life?

And RE/DONE is also pretty much my dream label. One that mixes old with new, reusing and sustaining, and also ultra good-looking. The brand has introduced the luxury market to a concept based on true vintage and recycling. For the hardcore only. On top of that, each pair is guaranteed 100% uniqueness – the desire of any whole-hearted fashion fan.

Those relaxed straight pairs, phew, take my breath away, and of course the ultimate summer wish list item – the incredibly patched denim shorts. With a good little holiday I could potentially pull together a version of my own, minus the cred and legitimate finishes. If Gwyneth Paltrow (the ultimate woman) recommends them, you know you are on to a good thing.

re/done jeans

redone vintage levis

re/done denim shorts


re/done hawaaian shorts

(Images from here)

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