hair story.

It feels good to be back after a mini hiatus – my brains little outlet is delivering.

I’ve been told my hair looks like many a man before. Legolas abuses my half up half down pony, Drew, my previous main man from The Bachelorette matches me both when his hair is up and down (somewhat worryingly his is much more perfect, sleek and cared for than mine), the dude from hightails, and since a few nights ago also Qui-Gon Jinn. Who I never even knew existed, as a Star Wars avoider my whole life. This was partnered with Tim declaring his dislike of my man bun, which is not a man bun, because it existed on my head before the craze hit anyway. Instead it is the original half bun, framing the heads of women the world over for yonks.

And that’s why I love fashion and style. I don’t care if there is an aspect of my outfit or look that people don’t like, if I love it and it follows my fashion rules then it is perfect. Part of my hatred of the world comes from people not thinking for themselves, so to all those girls who can’t wear anything that hasn’t been seen on a celebrity or teen blogger, I want to shake them and say “USE YOUR OWN BRAIN”. It’s much more fun anyway and you never know where it may take you. Fashion is you, trends are lame and so noughties. So very school – although kids these days are breaking down way more barriers than I even knew existed at their age.

In other news I’ve started the I Quit Sugar program over again – it’s time for a health renewal and a leap back on to the extremely healthy bandwagon. I fell off and have been feeling the pains ever since, but summer is calling, and it wants its bikini back. Food and fashion are two of the greatest joys in life – thankfully I never dreamt of being a model because one of those drastically destroys my chances according to mainstream society – but that is a conversation for another day.

street style whatever

street style personalised

street style sheer summer

street style coachella

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

2 thoughts on “hair story.

  1. […] Then we come to the whole conceptual idea of fashion, time to space out and get the peace signs flying. What does best dressed even mean? The winner always seems to have stolen a designer outfit straight off the rack, with little individual styling, originality, or fun. The Kardashians are wearing lace bustiers, so we wear lace bustiers, and we win. David Jones’ mannequin wore that Bec and Bridge dress, so we wear it also – devoid of emotion and uniqueness without a bit of jazzing and personality. […]

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