Yes it has been about 2 weeks since MBFF was held, but yes, I am still going to write about it now. Sometimes hindsight is better.

That evening brought further thoughts of the skinny world, a boring one clearly, because indulgence is life and interest is prime. The model’s faces told no story – which I know is their job, but still. Where is the fun in sullenness and frowns? Why would I go there when food equals joy, and without joy in this crazy living, where would we be. I’m more likely to go out the back door, and continually eat my soul and appearance away. I’m always open to new food experiences, and a bowl of fries, but thankfully I’ve inherited self control and know my limits. Moral of the story is to live with no self-inflicted deprivation.

On to the fashion. Ixiah was just one of the Sydney-based labels to show, and seems to fit in with the Tigerlily’s of the world – a label inspired by the sea and tribal / natural living. Basically the perfect summer outfit for any beach-loving child. The SS15 collection is chock-a-block with everything African inspired – the feathers, the jewels, the stripes, the beauty.

isiah ss15

ixiah fashion

ixiah tribal

ixiah australia fashion

(Images from here)

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