reliving :: mary katrantzou.

The Spring collections are always my favourite – the perfect timing for every Australian to start planning their beach wardrobe. Time to get the florals out, and the hair flowing and bleached. Not very Paris, but très perfect.

Technically we should be ahead of the fashion curve, so cutting-edge and on-trend, but inexcusably we aren’t. We are the copy cat nation in many ways – waiting for our more fashionable sisters to set the standard, then follow suit, as we also do with politics and sustainability. At least our coffee sets a global standard.

This collection though. It’s everything Mary Katrantzou and more, with an added textural sensation on top of her bold signature prints. The boho fetish is back again, gypsies cheer. If I were up close and personal with these dresses I would be unstoppable in feeling every piece and treasuring each technique, fabric and stitch. Watch me in a store already and I will stroke every item I love, pulling them towards me in longing of ownership. I swear I’m not weird.

Clearly there are many people whose lives I wish were mine, and Mary’s is high on the list. A Central Saint Martin’s graduate, fashion chameleon, with a mind that I’m sure sees everything in rainbow and sparkles. If I could pick her brain for a day, oh the things I would learn! Seeya later real world, hello dream life – what am I doing now. Tell me, there is too much waiting.

mary katrantzou ss16

mary katrantzou ss16

mary katrantzou boho

mary katrantzou print

mary katrantzou floral

(Images from here)

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