photoshoot :: so freebie, so folky.

Give me a few wines and I will ponder just about anything. What a dangerously good poison it is (and definitely not all I Quit Sugar approved). Early morning just after waking with the sun beaming through my room, or times just like now are my most inspiring. Which somehow leads me to today’s non-important, first world topic – freebies.

The freebies are a phenomenon of now. No event is complete without a luxuriously named “gift bag”, and let’s be honest, it may even be our main pull at times. But it’s not all it lives up to be. The freebie, is often a) full of deals that aren’t really deals and just lies in real life – looking at you hello fresh – no matter how many vouchers you give me I will not be able to afford your offering – b) pure crap, like all the leftover samples a brand just couldn’t dispose of any other justifiable way, c) more random bits that fill up the cupboard for no reason whatsoever, and are never to be used, and lastly d) TOO SMALL – my hair needs way more shampoo than that mini sachet allows.

I hate to say it, but my make up box is built upon these free mini products, unfortunately none of which I have ever actually tested out. One special day I will pile these all up, give them a go, and then dispose accordingly. That day will be waiting a while. But this, these photos are close to perfection – a shoot based on folky vibes and worldly colour.

grey magazine shoot

grey magazine nadine leopold

grey magazine folk photoshoot

grey magazine billy kidd

(Images from here)

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