musings :: margaret zhang.

My daily style efforts are constantly at the forefront of my mind – the joy, the stress, the end result. Sometimes, and only sometimes, when I feel that I’ve pulled something together entirely worthy and clever, I wish I was into the whole solo style trend – a blog brimming with personal style choices in various scenic locations.

I’ve deducted that this is only possible when:

  • You have a photographer boyfriend who is willing to trail in your shadow, all in the name of the blog, obeying all your last minute destination choices
  • Your funds are endless and wardrobe is worth a gazillion dollars. A Louis Vuitton clutch is omnipresent. (But hey, maybe there’s a lesser known market to be explored – Vinnies can be equally exciting at times and take pride of place as preferred store. Budget queen).
  • You have no shame – I’m the kind of person who would hate to be seen prancing and posing in public – only ok if you are a celebrity. To all who pull it off I applaud.

None of these are quite within my grasp, and an iPhone doesn’t cut it either. What to do, what to do.

Margaret Zhang touches something and it turns to gold. How does one so young build an empire so strong? All the while managing university study, family, friends and clients. The biggest slashie of them all. She is one of the few that I am glad achieve this whole personal style blog hype – her choices are impeccable, and I can’t help but envy.

margaret zhang bec and bridge

margaret zhang yellow shine by three

margaret zhang winter

margaret zhang layers

margaret zhang style

(Images from here)

8 thoughts on “musings :: margaret zhang.

  1. This was an interesting post because I had the same thought today. You need a team and access to wardrobes. It’s best when doing these shoots to borrow clothes or to be styled by friends. I have two friends who are stylists and they go, “That, that, that, not that, not that.” I also do research in bargain sections, read high end photography magazines and try to combine pricey with rock bottom. Most people think I spend oodles on clothes but they’re looking at the same pieces recombined. A basic palette with colours that like you add to the illusion of volume. In my estimate, one fashion forward post takes six hours of prep time. That’s only the parts you can control. Good luck.

    1. So very true!
      I think that mixing and matching is when our true style and inner personality comes out – a bit of vintage, bit of bargain, and a little designer to create the perfect fashion cocktail. x

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