the sustainers :: reformation.

Big and exciting life moves are happening, or at least in the works. My busy life could be getting busier, my short days getting even shorter. If there is a reason behind it, and a strong passion, anything is doable though. The constant whinge of my life, which I’m sure has been heard by you all many times before, is that there isn’t enough time to achieve all the things I dream of achieving, or to allow for a truly creative moment each day. So I remedy that by turning to those who make the impossible seem possible in their daily pursuits.

Reformation is next on my list of sustainable lovers. These guys are the ultimate, the goal that every business should have, the IT team in cheering for the world. Just by opening their website I was instantly inspired and almost overwhelmed by their absolute amazingness and desire to make the world a better place. I could rant about these guys forever (they are my newfound poster boys/girls – a reason to wake up each day).

Beautiful clothes mixed with sustainability to create something inspiringly special. Absolutely every part of the business has been thought through – from the way they design and create clothing, to the heat-reflecting roof of their building, and recycled packaging / office resources.

If you are interested in all their enviro-changes, I strongly recommend checking out their website – nothing has been left off.

A few things I learnt from them:

– Fashion is the second largest consumer and polluter of water.

– Polyester, acrylic, nylon, spandex and acetate are all made from oil (non-renewable fossil fuel), which also take up to 200 years to biodegrade

– Washing in cold water actually makes a huge difference (gratefully this is what I have been brought up to do, now anyone who uses the washing machine in my apartment will also have to abide).

They also have a veggie patch and plant a tree on your birthday, so send me to LA, give me a job and I will be forever happy.

reformation jeanne damas

reformation sustainability

reformation make it two

reformation clothing

reformation fine i do

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6 thoughts on “the sustainers :: reformation.

  1. […] I’ll be honest – not all the clothing purchases I’ve been making have been completely ethical. It’s the issue where I desperately need something to wear, whether for a particular event or the changing season or old stuff = broken, but the money situation does not match the wishing situation; the one where I try to only buy from trusted brands, or those at least on their way. I sadly don’t have the spare $$ hundreds to invest in the sandals I need ( and right now this means I am continuing to wear boots and sneakers even on 30+ degree days ). Hot feet are not so great. It sucks and makes me miserable that I can’t just be buying from designers like Celeste Tesoriero, Kitx and The Reformation. […]

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