turkish for a day.

Twenty three literally flitted past, I blinked my tired / baggy eyes and it was gone. A pity really, because I’d always imagined that twenty three would be the perfect age when I would find success in life – own a business, follow my dreams, do what I love. An age that never ended because it was just so good. Alas, life right now doesn’t have much of a plan. If time slowed down for a few weeks then the energy to create a detailed spreadsheet of life ideas and objectives, complete with yearly goals would arise. Forget #squadgoals, it’s all #lifegoals.

People years younger than me are seeing major success – take Margaret Zhang for example, or Tavi Gevinson. How they do it I will never know. Lack of sleep is certain, and not a joy that I willingly sacrifice. Instead I have my 30 before 30 list which has barely been marked – 2016 might be the year for an ocean swim and heavy skating lessons.

I learnt a vital lesson in my last days of twenty three – if you want to do something, do it. If you are jealous of all your creative friends with their cool and seemingly successful jobs (those friends who have “made it” in life), do something about it. Shouldn’t have taken me that long, but complacency and fear are the devil.

Growing up all my barbies were either seventeen or twenty three – the most fun ages around according to an eight year old. Good years in real life too. When is the next one? Let’s hope twenty four turns out just as interesting, and a tad more talkable.

For some simple inspiration, turn to Turkish photographer Cihan Alpgiray. Effortless, peaceful and clean, with the most beautiful clothing out. Being Turkish for a day I would gorge myself on all the spices, treats and bazaars – spending endless moments wandering the city, gazing at the ancient architecture and vibrant colours. Dreams / #lifegoals.

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(Images from here)

3 thoughts on “turkish for a day.

  1. I admire your drive to succeed, as well as the high standards that you have set for yourself. It seems like such a rare quality these days, the desire to work for one’s rewards. You’re right, though. Lack of sleep is necessary to get there. I remember the time between 22 and a few months after turning 24. I didn’t sleep at all. I packed all the fun into that time and now, the memories tide me over when I find myself lacking time because work is serious and not fun. Best wishes on your list. You can do it.

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