manspiration :: yohji yamamoto.

Listening to the sound of rain just doing it’s thing. As much as I dislike the breaks between sunshine, when umbrellas burst inside out, hair pastes itself to your head, and jeans stick, the sound is just so peaceful. It’s good to be home when it’s like this. Safe and warm and preparing for Netflix and bed. Only at these soaked moments can I actually allow myself to pause, sit and do almost nothing. When the sun shines I’m like an over-active puppy, begging someone to take me outside for some fun. Anything will do, just something.

And here we are harking back to the fall season today, 2012 in fact – when the world was meant to end. Throwback central (in competition with the greatest Spotify playlist ever – a throwback to beat all throwbacks, a trip down memory lane full of school discoes).

This is what I feel like wearing right now – basically wrapping anything long and warm enough around my body multiple times, paired with an oversized trench. Yohji Yamamoto definitely cashed out on the Oliver Twist vibe. Anna Wintour was in fact correct, or at least partially, when she stated that Oliver Twist is the literary character who has most inspired designers. (Anyone else watch her 73 Questions with Vogue yesterday in celebration of her fabulous birthday?) I’m yet to pick out more, so I will keep stalking Vogue Runway until I do. So let’s be thankful we don’t have to ask for more porridge, but steal their English hobo style with pride.

yohji yamamoto fall 2012

yohji yamamoto oliver twist

yohji yamamoto hobo

yohji yamamoto menswear

(Images from here)

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