wedding season.

Wedding season is well and truly upon us now. Love is sickly, and sweetly, flying through the air, tempting everyone to embrace engagement or hold their wedding. This fact hit home hard this weekend – the double whammy, Saturday AND Sunday wedding adventures which has led to a) a great weekend and b) a not so great working week ahead. Productive Hannah may be switched off for a while. Farewell to alcohol for a good few days, replaced with copious amounts of coffee. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing your friends at their most beautiful and beaming with happiness, embarking on a new stage of life.

It sounds terrible, but I’m sure it’s true for most, the most stressful, difficult part of the day is the outfit decision. Is white still not kosher? (Massive letdown here – all my favourite dresses are too heavy on the blanco). How much bling is too much? Is there such thing as too much? (NO, mostly). Then the hair and makeup – significant life challenges for me – with hair that refuses to style (and a human wearer who knows not how to style), and a complete lack of knowledge on the make up front.

Saturday’s wedding led to a crisis ten minutes prior to leaving when the footwear collection did not deliver, hence why the sandals are an important investment to make right now. Next wedding is in a few weeks, so time to start planning, appropriating and inspiring now – it’s a shame all my favourites aren’t fit for a boiling summer day.

street style

street style knit

street style wedding

street style skirt

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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