photoshoot :: ruffled.

Following on from J.W. Anderson’s next level ruffling, this little shoot brings together three of fashion’s greatest elements.

1) Lace – because the prettiest fabrics should not just be saved for undergarments.

2) Ruffles – because, der, they add everything.

3) Neckthings – whether it be a knotted bandanna / scarf, a glam choker, or a ribbon, it is my most preferred way to jazz up the over-used outfit. Anyone who works with me will vouch that I abuse the craft box of yesteryear and come out wearing ribbons with all kinds of memories – e.g. the one that was originally used in the making of headbands for our baby dolls.

But don’t all these just complement, and accentuate, each other so beautifully. The ruffles sleeves lead in to the bedazzled neckpiece, which is framed by a lacey collar. Perfection all right.

photoshoot ruffles

photoshoot natural state

photoshoot lucia pang

photoshoot bandanna vintage

(Images from here)

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