angeleno for a day.

Suspense is one of the worst feelings. It’s just anxiety in another form, and anxiety sucks. That nauseas, vomity gut-wrenching feeling. It lasts for a while but then the situation is all over, problems rectified, issues dissipated. You breathe again, and wonder why you gave in to all that stress.

The brain is a strange creature, because it will do it to you over and over again. Forever. We never learn. But without the stress, the fresh air wouldn’t seem so perfect afterwards. It’s just the way life is.

And to just help this process along, prodding that annoying beast on it’s way, some beautiful imagery. All brought to you by the Los Angeles based Erin Hoffstetter. So many muted palettes and dreamy landscapes – a life of travel and adventure.

erin hoffstetter photography

erin hoffstetter mountains

erin hoffstetter

erin hoffstetter

(Images from here)

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