want list :: it.

Black Friday almost pulled through for me, or got close to dragging me into it’s bottomless pit of debt, whichever way you choose to look at it. My first purchase from The Outnet nearly came to be, until it just didn’t (boo shipping costs to Australia), which was definitely an appreciated decision for my bank account.

The notion of an It bag is an odd one. In all other fashion aspects we aim to be different, stand out, and create a personality. Susie Bubble has her unique style, as does Leandra, as do I. Some cover themselves in pom poms and feathers, others go as minimal as can be with a single accessory to create effect. We pride ourselves on these varied outlooks, cheering on individuality and encouraging all women to give it a go.

But the thing that binds us all together and surpasses the differences? The It bag. The accessory with the most use, paired with every outfit. So amid our passion and drive for a revolution of individuals, this common thread runs through all of us, all the time.

And if my dreamy Chloe Elsie had also been on sale, nothing could have held me back.

chloe elsie mini bag

chloe elsie

chloe elsie street style

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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