the sustainers :: alas.

Dreams come true right now. I could sleep for years, and also look beautiful while saving the world with some sexy Alas sleepwear. Easy as that.

Cotton is a fabric I am constantly torn apart by, and to be honest, my stance hasn’t been fully developed yet. Do I love it or hate it? Couldn’t tell you right now, so I read both sides of the story – the organic call, and the no-go too-much-water one too – and appreciate anyone trying to make a difference in one way or another.

Alas is one of those brands calling for organic cotton farming without chemicals and pesticides. Crops without these chemicals equal a healthier community, with uncontaminated food and water, and lowered disease and illness. The environment is complex, and the care even more so, when the effects on the natural environment, human environment, and animal welfare are all considered. Mind bending and never ending.

Thank goodness for the Good On You app right now, my latest download. Quick access, easy find info on tonnes of brands, rating their commitment and impact on people, the environment and animals. Now I have no excuses for uneducated purchases. See you later Asos, hello Alas.

alas sleepwear

alas organic cotton

alas eco friendly sleepwear

alas mens sleepwear

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