I’ve had enough of depressing budget talk and calculating – it reached the next level this week. I am now a fully fledged adult with a budget (let’s see how long it lasts – already been revised once), but stuck in denying the fact that I have to do such things now by sticking my outline in a pretty little frame. Such an ugly piece of paper has to be made slightly better with some aesthetic appeal, otherwise it would be quickly forgotten. To take my mind off the bore of life, I’ve compiled a little list of all the women I am currently fangirling over (and disturbingly my autocorrect keeps changing this to fingerling):

Leandra Medine. Of course she is #1. But closely followed by Amelia Diamond, her partner in all things fash-on and fun.

– Every woman interviewed by Jay Buim for the Man Repeller Oh Boy! podcast. So many stories of success, hard work, and passion. Solid life quotes and inspiration.

– All my past musings gals, including Bethany Consentino, Caroline de Maigret and Yasmin Sewell.

– Grace Coddington for embracing her individuality and creating a great book, and a brilliant fashion history.

– Any woman who manages to balance, or looks like they balance, a busy life of family, friends, work and personal achievements.

– The ladies behind Novel Beings for creating a unique business model, embracing the importance of sustainability.

Jasmine Dowling / Nicole Warne / Sara Donaldson – impeccable Australian bloggers and babes.

Frankie contributors and features for their honesty and absolute personality.

– Shoshanna.

– A billion others, and basically every lady I pass with something interesting to say and an offering for the world.

Now for some images of escape to prepare for the looming break – so close yet so far.

escape joshua tree

escape beach

beach boat

sunshine flowers

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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