plastic guilt.

I feel this strange immense set of guilt every time I am too lazy to refuse a plastic bag at the store. You have one second to notify the staff member of your non-requirement and then it is too late. Only a second to take action. I might just be one person, but that’s where everything starts. If I don’t say no then who will? And how can I expect anyone to make a change when I forgo it myself. There lies the beginning of hypocrisy.

It’s a mind battle, and may seem trivial, but it’s true. Every political revolution started with one person, a leader, so the environmental kind should also place importance on the individual and their efforts. We are all a bunch of change makers, situated randomly in the world, gradually adjusting our lives to then influence others and hopefully one day make a complete, visible difference. The world-changing kind of stuff.

The lesson is to just say no immediately, don’t get lazy, because the natural world is relying on us.

And just for some further inspiration, take a moment to admire the imaginative, creative goodness of Eugenia Loli’s collages – a world within themselves, where anything is possible, even a cat with lasers.

eugenia loli collage

eugenia loli collage

eugenia loli ice cream collage

eugenia loli collage

(Images from here)

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