reliving :: peter pilotto ss16.

For once I am slightly lost for words – I’ve just sort of run out. The end of the year has seen tensions run high, moods bouncing like crazy, and food coming out of our ears, as we count down the days until break.

I’m currently in the midst of absolute exhaustion, looking forward to a massive sleep in, catching up on bookmarked blog articles, and burning to a crisp at the beach, as I accidentally nap in the sweet sweet sunshine.

My overarching goal though, is to spend a little less time online, or attached to my phone, and truly make the most of each moment. To not be thinking of the next Instagram photo, or inspiration piece, and be freed of the worry and stress that comes from trying to keep up with the world. In this age we have a love hate relationship with technology, and a balance of the two seems barely achievable. We complain about being stuck to our phones constantly, yet can’t spend more than a few minutes without a check.

So when I’m on the coast, entering rest time, it’s my goal to limit any social media activity. Realistically I may need a mini hit once a day, for stalking and admiring, celebrating the new year with my friends from a distance, but that should be it. The rest of the time instead enjoying the glorious beach, wandering the bush, and discovering hidden waterfalls.

Thank you Peter Pilotto for these ocean-thought-inducing numbers. Dreaming of the summer to come with a little jellyfish, seashell and rockpool influence.

peter pilotto ss16

peter pilotto spring 2016

peter pilotto summer

peter pilotto fashion ss16

(Images from here)

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