inspiration wall :: dec.

Christmas Party lesson – always stay to the end, because that’s when Bohemian Rhapsody gets pulled out to finish off an already great night. And the rest of December so far can be summed up in three words: food, drink, gut. I might get to January and have already fulfilled my 2016 dietary requirements. Here’s to attempting to stay good and fresh.

inspiration wall december

– This house just ticks all the boxes – white walls, incredible light, and most importantly, an ideal collection of indoor plants / cacti.
– Crumble is not just for winter. It deserves a food group of its own. I’ve got to hunt down some rhubarb asap to get baking this sugar free version.
Rosie Assoulin reinvented sleeves for the good of the world. Never again will a normal shirt be enough. Those sleeves rule everyone the wearer passes – instant royalty.
– Golden eyebrows thanks to Romance Was Born – a new beauty statement for summer?
– Let’s just wander aimlessly, lie in the sun, soak up all the relaxation.

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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